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E-2 USA Visa Requirements

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E-2 USA Visa Requirements

Post by wajidhussain00 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:13 pm

I wanna know what are the requirements for E-2 Visa.
Is there any requirement for a business type? Should it only be tech companies or Innovative idea or anything like that?
Because We wanna do a tyre retail business as we already do in Pakistan. Pakistan is on the treaty list of E-2 Visa.
Are there any english language requirements? Ielts or anything?
My Degree is certified by UK NARIC, Do i have to certify it from anywhere for E-2 Visa?
Can two partners apply for one business. Both as directors and 50% share holders.
Substantial Investment is normally $100,000 as mentioned by many websites. Would more money help with visa approval chances? We can invest $150,000.
How long visa would we get? 2 or 5 years?
What are the chances of getting approved if we already invest in USA as they require?
Would the country name or race or religion be any problem as lowering the chances of success in visa process?
How much is processing time for E-2?
Do make business plans for E-2?
How much would charge for this whole E-2 Visa process?
Please help.

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