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Gap in H1B Visa

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Gap in H1B Visa

Post by RahulMajitia » Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:54 pm

Gap in H1B Visa

I had a gap in H1B visa since I came back to my home country. I have 1 yr out of 6 years remaining on my H1B with green card I-140 approval.My H1B visa has been approved by USCIS in premium processing for two years.

When does USCIS start counting the days on H1B visa?

1) From the date the H1B visa was approved.
2) From the date the H1B visa is stamped on my passport.
3) From the date I enter USA at the port of entry after the H1b Visa is stamped
4) From the day I start working for the company after I enter the US at the port of entry.

What happens if I get the H1B Visa stamped and enter US after 2 months? Will it be an issue at the port of entry?

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