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Judgement of divorce and resettlement judgment of divorce

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Judgement of divorce and resettlement judgment of divorce

Post by AlexanderST » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:08 pm

Dear all!

Wonder, if anyone could give an advice on how to deal with this. My wife, a US citizen, was previously married. When she got divorced, the court clerk accidentally stapled together someone else documents, so her judgement of divorce, meanwhile having proper names on the first page, has two other people's names on the second page. This we only found out, once we were already married, our lawyer noticed that. So my wife went ahead and applied for resettlement of divorce.

Now, on my interview with the officer than became a problem, as the officer did not understand the meaning of the word "resettlement".

So now the decision hangs on this question - was my wife divorced from the previous marriage on the date of the first judgement of divorce, or on the date of resettlement of judgment of divorce?
If the date is first, than all good, but we need confirmation. In fact, the officer requested confirmation in either case, of which date is the actual date of divorce. Court does not give out such papers.

What do we do now?
Anyone had this situation before?

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