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ILR (LR) PEO application deffered - missing first passport

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:14 pm
by amughost88
Hi everyone,

I have applied for ILR(LR) on 22nd of August in Glasgow PEO. Case worker said that he cannot make decision as my first passport is not present (2007-2011 - 4 years in total) , so he cannot verify all my in/outs from teh UK. I have attached the SAR report, but there is not much info on my entries. I have supplied university letters and tenancy agreements, but case worker said that is not a proof of how many days I was out of the country.
Case worker said he will be able to get relevant information from the UK ports within 7-10 days, unfortunately it is nearly 5 months now.

So I basiclaly need advice to wait for this ILR (LR) or apply via Tier 2 working route on the 8th of March (I am eligible via 5 year working route).I have been workign for one employer and it is a well established international company, so no self employment complications. And I have passport which covers last 5 years.

My agent told me that if I withdraw my application it takes a month to get documents back (2 weeks standard and one reminder after 2 weeks). And then they might delay my new application, in case they will want to check why my ILR (LR) application was delayed.

So really question here is, should I withdraw my application? or should I wait for 6 months?
I have not heard anything from Home office since 22nd of August.