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Renouncing British Citizenship for Irish...

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 4:15 pm
by Levi_El
Hi there, new member here, looking for general advice from anyone with similar experiences...

A little background...
I (L) am a British citizen by birth and hold a British passport, my partner (J) is Venezuelan by birth but currently lives in America and holds a US passport and citizenship. Both of my dads parents are Irish, so I can claim Irish citizenship through this route.

Basic Plan...
L: Register on the Irish ‘Foreign Births Register’ – cost £231
L: Apply for an Irish Passport – cost £70

The Future…
I am visiting and travelling around America for 3 months (Nov, Dec, Jan)

L&J: Have an amazing 3 months in America and get married!
L: Arrive home 2nd Feb 2016 and get a job ASAP
L: Renounce UK citizenship – cost £223 (3 months to process?!?)
J: Arrive in the UK sometime later in Feb, get a 6 month stay (US citizen)
L&J: Find somewhere to live
J: Renew US Passport in new married name through the UK Embassy – cost $110
L&J: Apply for a ‘UK residence card’ – cost £65 – (couple of months to process?!?)
L&J: Recieve the 'Certificate of Application'
J: Set up a UK bank account / Get a National Insurance number / Sign up for NHS services
J: Wait for the EEA Residence Card

Whilst I have only outlined the basics, does this seem plausible? Or are there any glaring issues?

Many Thanks!

Re: Renouncing British Citizenship for Irish...

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:52 am
by maviesk
Are you sure a US passport can be renewed in the UK without having residency here? Many countries have such a restriction..