Using this section - guidance - PLEASE READ

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Using this section - guidance - PLEASE READ

Postby Administrator » Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:56 am


We have a policy on using this board to advertise job opportunities:

-> Announcements -> using this forum to solicit for or promote personal business

Please be sure to read all the details in the above link to remain in compliance.

Do not post job openings or requests for work in any other forum.

Advertising job openings for people to find work on this board is generally permitted, so long as it is done with great respect toward our community here.

If this privilege is abused, we will immediately discontinue the policy.

So. Please play nicely.

Thank you!

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Postby Administrator » Thu May 08, 2008 10:34 am


Hi folks --

NEW USAGE POLICY for this section:

Recently we have had a few posts in which members would like to list employment/recruitment agencies that they feel are 'bad quality' or 'dodgy.'

OKay. I feel your pain. It is frustrating to have "recruiting" agencies that are wasting your time and fishing for information so that they can engage in borderline legal/illegal activities.


We cannot allow you to list their actual names, websites, contact information, etc.

These exact sort of people want you to rubbish them publicly so that they have the basis for a lawsuit. If they don't sue you, they will sue us .. perhaps both and perhaps more.



What you MAY DO, if you wish, is to list agencies that you have a positive experience with. ONLY IF you personally have direct, positive experience(s) with them that you wish to share!

You MAY NOT advertise yourself in any way, you MAY NOT recommend based upon a "friends" experience(s), you MAY NOT promote any agency that you do not have direct, personal experience with.

AND, you MAY NOT make repeated recommendations.

One is all you get. If you want to mention them again at a later date, you will need to provide a link to your original recommendation. If you wish to add to it, then keep posting responses in the original topic you made the recommendation in. will take a VERY HARSH view of anyone posting negative evaluations about employment/recruitment agencies. It exposes us to liability that we will not accept.

You are responsible for your own posts and content. will not support you in any way; we will cooperate with anyone who has a substantive complaint regarding content that tarnishes their reputation.

Contact us immediately if you feel that the content of a post (or posts) represent unwarranted, damaging claims against your reputation.

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