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Please use this section of the board for queries about Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). However please use the EEA-route section for queries about the EEA-route equivalent of Permanent Residence (PR).

This section is relevant irrespective of whether current status is Tiered or Non-Tiered.

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Post by Sinam » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:21 am

Hello all,
Need some advice.

My husband was granted Tier2 ICT on 23rd March 2010. I was granted Dependant of Tier2 ICT on 23rd March 2010 and I came to the UK on 6th June 2010.
I joined a UK based company in August 2010. My employer sponsored my Tier 2 General visa. I went back to India, applied for a Tier 2 General visa which was granted in Jan 2012 ( Visa Expiry - Jan 2015).
I then switched back to being a dependant of my husband - Tier 2 ICT dependant in Oct 2014.
In Oct 2019, I will have spent 5 years in the PBS dependant partner visa category.
My husband has been a citizen of UK for about 3 years now. He got this ILR through the 5 year Tier 2 route (as his permission was granted before 6th April 2010).

Just wondering if you will be able to answer these questions please:
1. Under which category should I be applying for ILR?
2. What would be the cost of the application? Looking at the UKBA website, it is not quite clear what the fee for my category will be.
3. What is the SLA of the standard application? Just thinking whether I should pay the extra fee for the super priority service.
4. Can I apply for my citizenship soon after I get my ILR, or do I have to wait for 12 months?

Thank you!

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Re: ILR/Citizenship

Post by CR001 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:30 am

1. If you hold a PBS Dependent visa, then there is only one category, ILR on form SET(O).

2. £2389 plus whatever service you choose through UKCVAS Sopra. Super Priority costs an extra £800. ILR costs the same for ALL categories.

3. 8 weeks up to 6 months for standard.

4. If you meet the 3 years residence requirements, then you can apply as soon as you have ILR and your ILR BRP. When you get to the citizenship stage, please ask these questions in the British citizenship sub forum : british-citizenship/
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Re: ILR/Citizenship

Post by Sinam » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:33 am

Thank you very much!
Yes I have been in the UK for the last 9+ years. So I guess I am eligible to apply for citizenship soon after I get my ILR.

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