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Questions for naturalization application on 6 week rule and stamps during covid

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Questions for naturalization application on 6 week rule and stamps during covid

Post by ultrablaze » Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:45 pm

Hello all, I’m trying to work out my eligibility to apply for Irish citizenship and I have a couple of questions regarding calculating reckonable residence as well as gaps in official stamps due to covid.

Quick overview is I’ve been in Ireland for 6 years and 2 months straight. The first chunk was 1 year on a working holiday visa for an internship (which I believe is not reckonable residence but I’m having trouble finding proof of exactly what stamp I had if someone has an idea on how to check that). Then I was on stamp 1 followed by 4 with work permits, the entirety has been at the same company. My understanding is from that perspective I have the 5 expected years, but there are a couple of complications:

1) I had an appointment to renew my GNIB card in late March 2020, and then offices closed due to Covid. In the end, I went through the renewal via online submission sending in mid-July, and by the time the full process ended I got my renewal and stamp in early October. I’m unclear on how to enter this part correctly on the “reckonable residence calculator”, but my hope is this should all be covered as not being a gap?

2) For the 42 days a year maximum outside the country, I have some questions on counting which I couldn’t find an official answer for:

a) Do I count within a calendar year for my total, or break my reckonable residence into 5 years and count within that?

b) I often did short weekend trips, do you count a day whenever you were out of the country at all in a 24h period, or if you were in Dublin + somewhere else on a day it doesn’t count? Between the previous question and this I wind up just around the limit of 42 days most years, so I’m a bit down to the wire...

c) I believe you can be excused for periods for work travel, but is there any experiences regarding other accepted reasons? For example, I spent a good chunk of time at home when a parent passed away (could include a death certificate for this longer absence), and another couple trips were to help an ageing family member relocate into assisted living.

d) Finally on these, in what form is it recommended to present my history of travel? A spreadsheet with a line entry for every trip with a duration in days?

Thanks very much for any help!

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Re: Questions for naturalization application on 6 week rule and stamps during covid

Post by Vorona » Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:12 pm

- Enter periods of covid extensions as normal permission stamps.
- Fiscal year - starting and ending dates of each permission.
- Days of departure and return do not counted as absence.
- Excusability of absences is decided individually. Create a spreadsheet with dates and reasons for each trip and attach evidence.

Also read this: ireland/help-needed-irish-citizenship-b ... 10563.html

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Re: Questions for naturalization application on 6 week rule and stamps during covid

Post by KWN » Sat Jul 24, 2021 1:51 am

Dear all,

I also was on stamp 1 and then stamp 4 with work permits.

1/ In 2017, I was due to renew my GNIB registration at the end of March. I went to my local Garda station, few days before the expiry date. The payment receipt was issued on the same day I visited the Garda station. Then, I went to post my passport to renew my re-entry visa, two weeks after renewing my GNIB. I got the stamp in my passport dated April 2017 (the same date I posted my passport), while the date of issue displayed on the GNIB card is the same date I renewed my GNIB. I still have the receipt and the photo of this GNIB card.

What would be the correct start date to enter in the reckonable residence calculator?

2/ In 2021, I was due to renew my IRP registration at the end of February. During the second Covid lockdown by reading the announcement of The Minster of Justice:

"All such permissions that are due to expire from 21st January 2021 - 20th April 2021 are automatically
renewed by the Minister to the 20th April 2021."

I understood that I could renew my IRP before the 20th April 2021, instead of before expiration.
So, I renewed my IRP in mid-March.

As suggested by Vorona, for this part can I enter the period of Covid extension as a normal permission stamp (i.e. end of February 2021 to mid-March 2021) in the reckonable residence calculator,
followed by the period of my new IRP registration (i.e. the date of issue until the expiry date)?

Many thanks.

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