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This is an area for the discussion of matters related to issues about moving from one country to another. Examples could be about money transfer, moving and packing, validity of driving licence, etc..

It is not a general non-immigration, free-for-all area.

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Post by lancearchon » Mon Jul 01, 2019 2:44 pm

Hi Good afternoon,

My wife has recently moved to the UK, I am trying to sign her up with my local GP, but they keep asking for her NHS number, which I have told them we do not have that, I have explained as part of her VISA application I had to pay an IHS charge which covers her for 3 years, but they are not accepting this, has anyone else had similar problems with this? and if so how you dealt with it, I have been googling for a contact number for IHS to speak to them but I have had no luck.



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Post by CR001 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 2:50 pm

By registering her as newly arrived in the UK, it will generate an NHS number once the it has been processed.

She does not need to apply for an NHS number first.

IHS payment for visa purposes is a completely separate issue and has nothing to do with the process to register at the GP. Trying to contact IHS is pointless.

Ask to speak to the Practice Manager.

Perhaps also remain calm and stop mentioning IHS. The admin staff likely have no idea what you are talking about. There is a question on the form asking if you are newly arrived in the UK.

You need to submit proof of address, passport and BRP card.
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Post by lancearchon » Mon Jul 01, 2019 2:59 pm

Hi there,

Thank you for the fast response, I will do that.

Cheers :)