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ILR calculations for partner

Only for UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) points system

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ILR calculations for partner

Post by bigcaptain2020 » Tue Dec 17, 2019 10:10 pm

i landed in uk June 2019
my partner landed in uk october 2019
his BRP will expire in september 2022 (since i landed before him and it seems dependents BRPs are in sync with the main applicant BRP)
I plan to apply for my extension when my BRP expries september 2022
if i get the extension for 2 years:
the new BRP will expire september 2024
if i apply for ILR right after the end of extension, my partner would not have had the 5 years accumulated (short by 1month)
the Tier 1 program will end in april 2025 and no extension is allowed after that.
what would be the options for me:
-do another extension for me (will this be possibile since program will end in april 2025?)
-do an extension for my partner for 2months (is this possibile?)
thanks for any help on this in advance

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Re: ILR calculations for partner

Post by CR001 » Wed Dec 18, 2019 6:19 am

When was their visa issued?? ILR counts from visa issue date not date of arrival in the UK.

Your extension brp will expire 2 years from date of approval. If the application take a few months, the date of visa start is the date of approval, it is not tagged onto the expiry of the last visa.
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