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T1G Dependent query

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T1G Dependent query

Post by iqkhanuk » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:22 am

I have posted this in ILR but didnt get the response

Can someone pls advise.

"Main applicant got ILR via T1G-5Y route.

Now 2 off T1G dependents are applying using 1 off SETO form for ILR
My partner is housewife so not working at all. I will be using my bank statements to pay fee or to show maintenance.
I have currently filled the form in the following sequence as some of the questions are not applicable.
Please advise.

Section 1 – wife detail as T1G dependent for ILR
Section 2 –Dependent only 2.8 -2.14 is filled only 1 child.
Section 3 - T1 Dependent category
Section 4 – Life in UK passed, Masters degree NARIC comparability statement + the university statement that all courses taught in English.
Section 5 – Home and Finances – stated here that rent and all expenses by my husband (me)
Section 6 – Immigration history – filled with tickets copies as proof
Section 7 – No offenses
Section 8 – Photos Done
Section 9 – I don’t think I need to fill this in as it is not applicable as both are dependent. However I will include a personal stamen why this section is not completed Since husband is the main applicant who already got ILR.
Do I need to send my original ILR card as well or just photocopy only ? I don’t see the point sending the originals.
Section 11 Passports - All passports for both dependents + previous inc.
Section 12 Documents –
1. NHS letters on the name of wife
2. Gas / Elect bills on the name of wife
3. Driving license of wife
4. Bank statements of myself showing maintenance
5. ILR photo copy
6. Kid NHS letter
7. Both dependent Home office letters on this address

What else I need to provide in support for the document. I think I have filled it right but if some members can review and advise that would be highly appreciated.


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Re: T1G Dependent query

Post by CR001 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:33 am

This is not the appropriate sub forum for an ILR question. Please continue in your other topic. Perhaps it is the way you have structure your question that is putting members off responding. Have you read the guidance notes?
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