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Rights as a Tier 2 applicant?

Only for UK Skilled Worker and Tier 2 (Employer Sponsored) points system Tier 2

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Rights as a Tier 2 applicant?

Post by aneelgill » Wed Sep 30, 2020 11:18 am

Hi all,

I recently received a job offer at a healthcare service as an Assistant Psychologist. I currently hold a valid Tier 4 visa and would need to convert this to a Tier 2 visa. This is expected to be relatively smooth as I meet all the criteria required and I also am applying within the UK. My soon-to-be employers have were made aware of this since the first interview stage. However, yesterday when I was supposed to formally sign my contract, they called me earlier in the morning telling me they have to withdraw their offer because they cannot accept internationals.

As you all can imagine how unfair this must be, I'm just wondering what rights do I have? Especially since they are on the current list of registered sponsors for tier 2 visas on the Home Office's official website, so I don't understand what is preventing them from proceeding with my application?

Thank you

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Re: Rights as a Tier 2 applicant?

Post by CR001 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 11:24 am

I'm just wondering what rights do I have?
None really. A sponsor can withdraw their offer for any reason if they choose to.

Also not sure if 'assistant psychologist' qualifies for sponsorship.
2212 Psychologists Example job tasks
• develops and administers tests to measure intelligence, abilities, aptitudes, etc. and assesses results;
• develops treatment and guidance methods and gives treatment or guidance using a variety of therapy and counselling techniques;
• observes and experiments on humans and animals to measure mental and physical characteristics;
• analyses the effect of hereditary, social and physical factors on thought and behaviour;
• studies psychological factors in the treatment and prevention of mental illness or emotional and personality disorders;
• maintains required contacts with family members, education or other health professionals, as appropriate, and recommends possible solutions to problems presented;
• applies professional knowledge and techniques within the workplace, addressing issues such as job design, work groups, motivation etc.;
• applies psychological treatment methods to help athletes achieve optimum mental health and enhance sporting performance.

Related job titles:
• Clinical psychologist
• Educational psychologist
• Forensic psychologist
• Occupational psychologist
• Psychologist
• Psychometrist
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