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READ ME - getting started / Top 25 FAQs

Read me first before posting anywhere!

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READ ME - getting started / Top 25 FAQs

Post by noajthan » Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:39 pm

Welcome new (or returning) member.

Whether you have joined as seeker of knowledge or as a contributor, we hope your participation in the ImmigrationBoards community will be an illuminating and helpful journey of discovery.
One that helps you to successfully navigate the challenging world of transnational migration and settlement.

Getting started.
New members, in particular, should take a few moments to familarise with the Board T&Cs.
These policies are to ensure a harmonious, safe and secure experience for all.

As the forums at ImmigrationBoards may not operate in the same way as other discussion boards you are familiar with, it is suggested that a new joiner watches and observes how things are done here before posting for the first time.

See also the hints on getting started and Board netiquette.

Note that each subforum has a number of informative 'sticky' topics and/or FAQs available.
For example, here's the British Citizenship subforum.

Top 25 FAQs

1) How do I use private messaging?
See PM service.

2) How do I hook up with other members?
Public sharing of contact details is not permitted on this Board.
Simply post questions and answers in public as this is a public internet discussion board.
See Board T&Cs

3) I have a problem or question - what do I do?
If its an immigration-related issue, simply find the relevant subforum and read topics and/or post your question there.

If its a problem or question about ImmigrationBoards then post in the Comments about discussion board subforum.

Similarly, if you have a question about Board availability or some technical issue see Comments about discussion board subforum.

4) I posted before and now I can't find my topic. Where is it?
See unable to find posts.

5) Can something I posted before now be deleted?
See posts are not deleted.

6) How do I change my username?
See change user name

7) I need an immigration lawyer or OISC advisor. Can you recommend someone (in my area)?
Such recommendations and contacts are not made via this Board.
In UK, see Law Society and OISC websites.

8.) I am in business and seeking financial partners or offering finance. What are the next steps?
This is not possible here - see Board T&Cs

9) I have a business or website to promote - how do I do that?
Kindly look elsewhere as that is not the purpose of this Board.
See promoting personal business
and personal websites

10) I have a tax problem. Can you help?
This Board is focused on immigration-related matters.
Suggest seek appropriate professional advice and/or seek out a relevant tax forum.

11) I posted my question many times to bump it up and make sure its answered. The Moderators asked me not to do so. Why is this?
See multiple posts will be merged/locked/deleted

12) I found a previous question just like mine so I added my question to it but noone replied. Why not?
Members are advised to ask their own questions in their own topic rather reviving some aged and out of date topic.
Its no good asking members who are no longer around, especially when immigration law and regulations may well have moved on since then.
And it is considered bad manners to tag onto and hijack someone else's current case.

See getting started and Board netiquette.

13) Why can't I ask questions in a timeline topic?
Timeline threads are specifically focused on gathering precise itemised information about members' timelines.
Such topics are not the place for general discussion nor for follow up questions and/or group therapy.

14) A topic has been locked - why is that?
Topics may be locked, either permanently or temporarily, for a number of reasons, such as:
  • abuse of Board T&Cs by one or more posters (whether or not the OP);
    to close down an aging or out of date topic;
    to terminate a topic that has gone off-track;
    to terminate a topic that no longer has any value;
    to close a topic opened in error;
See multiple posts will be merged/locked/deleted

15) I am uncomfortable or concerned about a post seen (or received) or about a message I have received, what should I do?
Report the post (and explain the reason for doing so) using the Report this post feature (available in every post made to a topic; see !-icon).
Similarly, report the offending message (and explain the reason for doing so) using the Report private message feature (available on every message received; use !-icon).

Follow up with Moderators as may be required.

16) Who and what are the Moderators?
Moderators are the group who look after the forums from day to day.
Moderators are all unpaid volunteers.

Generally, moderators are present to prevent users from going off-topic or posting abusive or offensive material.
Amongst other duties, moderators have the authority to edit or delete posts and to lock/unlock, move, delete and split topics in the forums they moderate.

Note There are no no go areas for Moderators and operational/security matters are not discussed in public.

17) How do I become a Moderator?
Moderators are appointed by invitation only.

18) How do I contact a Board Moderator?
Note Moderators are not here to answer specific migration questions or to provide a kind of consultancy service.

If you have a general enquiry related to the Board then simply post in the Comments about discussion board subforum.
You should receive a response when a Moderator becomes available,

19) What do the various icons used on the Board all mean?
See thread icon colours

20) How do I customise my ImmigrationBoards profile?
See options in the User Control Panel.

21) There are so many updates every day, how can I track what's going on?
You may subscribe to forums and/or topics of interest and so be notified by email when there are updates.
Alternately, you can see the latest posts across the whole Board by clicking on the View new posts link (at top of Board Index page).

22) How do I search the forum?
See How to search

23) Who owns ImmigrationBoards?

24) Further questions?
See the general Board FAQ
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