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1Welcome Back !!!
2Migration from India to Australia
3New Zealand for a Year.
4Immigration to Australia
5Employment Assistance
6Visa advice for teacher and ICT specialist
8What exactly can I do (can't do) with short stay business visa?
9Skill Matching....
11Enrolled Nurse
12New Zealand for a Year.
13Regarding New Zealand
14Skilled or not Skilled
15Processing Times/Application Points
16Starting a business in Oz
17Employment consultants
18sales of fabric
19Irish Citizenship?
20Australia Immigration
21Previous inhabitant of Australia
22Looking for Romanians in NZ...
23shortest process time, Adelide?
24getting an australian working visa?
26Within 5 points of passmark
27IELTS for NZ
29Qualification assessment
30job in NZ
31Working in AUS
32looking for JOB
35How to apply
36Let's get some clarifications over here
38Thank You Elfa :-)
40Accounting Job
41Points on Qualification for NZ migration
42Birth of a child after filling application for NZ immigration
44Australia Immigration
45How hard could it be....
46How can I get a Working holiday maker visa
49How many countries have Working Holiday arrangements with Canada?
50student with (high) hopes
51australian immigration
52I get A permenent residence ?
53I get A permenent residence ?
54Emmigration to Aus?
55Where do I start?!!!!
56Skilled visa
57Driving licence
58Elfa can you help me? New Imm form des dt 11/1
59Help me About Information of Migration at Australia & Newzeland
61Can any body help filling 47SK , of course at a charge?
62visa for NZ? dogs allowed?
63Visa Process
65Can you help me please to access points to get permanent resident VISA
66Informatiom About NewZeland Embassy in India
67Can you verify plese if i want to get permanent residence visa at australia
68Please help
69Can I get a workers visa if I have student loans?
70Work Permit and VISA of Nwe Zealand
71Work Permit and VISA OF New Zealand
73Working in Aus architectural practices.
74Am I eligible for Australian immigration
75working in australia
76work permit
78My Profession
79visa application at Adelaid
81same sex couples question
83Just the start !
84Immigration to NZ
85Visa Application Processing Time
87Working Holiday Visa in NZ ?
88Oz work permit-just starting
89web link not working for appraisal form
90After Working Holiday Visa Runs out
91work permit in australia
92Emergency! Need help
93prove of fluency
94details about work permit
95Application from within Oz.
96Cost of Visa types
97Points on Work Experience for migration to NZ
99New ask for Elfa
100Processing time from Ireland?
101Ask for Elfa
103immigration NZ
104Getting Started with Prospective Marriage
105Getting Started with Prospective Marriage
106Quote from Adelaide processing centre.
107Training Visa in Australia
108RPL assesment
109some questions on 47SK
110100points & not enough work experience
112Functional English ability
114difffernt poins info
115Question for Elfa
117Working in NZ with an Australian visa
118Time line
119How & what part time work can I get in Australia on PR?
120job for English teacher from India in Australia on PR.
121What effect is Recession having on jobs in Australia?
122work permit for Newzeland
123Shortage of Teachers in UK, how to go about it?
124cost for Immegration
125anybody to explain it???
126From Israel to New zealand
127Looking for encouragement !
128wish to migrate to australia
129work in NZ for 12mths
130Ask for Elfa
131Immigration to New Zealand -- IT Profession with work experience in US
132cost of immigration to australia
133Plastics jobs in Australia
134wish to immigrate to new zealand
136getting to NZ
137Australia without degrees -Possible?
138De facto residency visa
139Changes w.e.f Nov 26, 2001
140work in the uk
143NZ and Iceland
144Australia, Work and Travel
145Australia - ACS - RPL - I.T. ! Help plz
146Looking for a better place
147To be (down under) or not to be
148tell me about immigration
150NZQA Assesment
151NZ EEmbassy in Sri Lanka
152NZQA Assesment
153Distance education
154qualification evaluation
155thanks Elfa
156Interested in getting a job in AU or NZ
157Need information about Australian immigration
158Spouse or Partner
159PR and family sponsored skilled
160UK Processing Times
161call ur parents to australia - help?
162need ur help
163Replu To elfa :call ur parets to au?
164Reply To elfa :call ur parets to au?
165Migration errors...
167Working Holiday URL
168Need Advice for resident Permit in Australia or New Zealand
169Opening an off licence in Australia
170how can i get a work permit in UK
171about newzealand immigration
172Could someone please tell me...?? Need UR help Elfa..
173need information about NZQA/ITANZ
174IT jobmarket - Chicken & Egg story in australia
175accountants in general skilled labour shortage list
176Hi Elfa, please check this need information about NZQA/ITANZ
177doubts regarding NZ immigration
179Temporary Visa Condition No. 8502
180General Residency Questions
181IELTS Band 7 (Academic Module) asked by Teacher employers in Australia ?
182entry with a criminal record
183how to get a visa for australia
184How much is Aust. Govt. aid to new immigrants & for how long?
185IELTS Band 7 (Academic Module) asked by Teacher employers in Australia ?
186Question on work permit for partner
187about time
188working holidays/ visas
189web design work
190migration for corporate and environmental lawyers
191Assessement Results for Accountancy Qualification - From which university to study
192I am a seafarer
193several questions :confused:
194Work experience Problems
195Web/Internet jobs in Australia.......
196Extension of visa
197Claiming Points on Spouse's Qualification (NZ)
198Contact or not
199Working Holiday Visa for 30+ for Australia
200Immigration to Australia
201Temporary Visa
202NZ immigration form
203Indian CAs to australia
204Regarding Assessment of Qualifications
206Qualification for emigration
207PR or work permit ...
208PR to Australia - how loooong
210ERP professionals - to whom they should apply for skill assessment
211Skill Matching Only
212Skill Matching ??
213Permanent Resident Status
214Applying under skilled independent
216Call Center jobs in New Zealand / Australia
217No response after filling out Immigration Assessment Form
218Condition 8502 Again...Urgent Help Nedded
219Working in UK, Need Visa Advices
220Looking for I.T. psitions in NZ.
2211 or 2 years exp for teacher 2 apply 2 oz
223Immigration info having 1 yr experience ?
224Visitors Visa
225Meaning of "teacher - vocational training, non trade"
226Working Visa
227business visa
228work experience requirements
229Romanian economist to Australia
230about emigration to australia
231employer reference letters!?!?
232Investing in a pub
233Looking for help when i get there!
234maybe someoane help me
235Urgent Help Required,+7 yrs. of experience etc.
236Working Experience
237Looking for contacts in the design/ web industry
238Where to go in Australia?
239I'm back!
241Urgent ..Immigration to Australia,, services required
242wrok permit to NZ
243Layman in Workpermit !! Help
244help I want to get visa
245Tme lines
246A question on RPL results
247ESL Teacher
248Highly skilled?
249Skill matching question ?
250Calling Indians (Calcuttans???)...Indian Police Clearance Cert....Time?
251PR Processed in Adelaide
253Spanish Migration Agent
254NZ Working Visa for Primary Teachers
255your valuable suggestion
256Immigration without work experience
257Work Permit for Summer internship
258Australian qualification
259not sure which stream...
260B2 Tourist Visa
261PR for NZ with Ausi qualification
262Attending university in Oz
264Question about Immigration
265family in australia
266Elfa... your opinion?
267Which visa type?
268immigration to new zealand / australia
269Should I use an immigration Lawyer
270is CPA Australia qualification enough?
271Receiving ACS Assessment
272now how much time?
273Help needed...Bonus points for Community Language
274for work permit in canada
275Green Card to USA for Australian citizen
276Advice on emigrating with dogs
277A few questions about doctors in New Zealand
278Please help
279character checks
280policy changes in New Zealand immigration
281chances of success ?
282MBA degree - Elfa question
283Workpermit documents
286Elfa I'm Confused
2874 month Bunac work permit
288Medical Exam
289Elka :)
290Pls help me
291El fa one more question
292Me ;P
293about skilled regional migration
294Please help me Elfa....or anyone....ACS RPL!!
295Recent Graduate
296shortest time
297possibility of starting a business under a 457 visa?
298Should i Apply Now?????????
299how can i get work visa
301Racism in NZ?
302What type of visa should I seek?
303jobs in Europe
304ACS skills assessment eligibility
305Can ne of u help??
306Washington Processing times
307How can I come to New ZeaLand
308immigration on visit visa in Australia or New Zealand.
309Actuary -- assesment
310can you help please
311NZ - work experience
312ACS - 4 years exp criteria
313skilled independent vs family sponsorship
314Dicontinued work will that make difference in point earning
315non graduate with 6 years work experience in IT
316Long-term travel in Australia & NZ
317Partner Migration - Australia. Doesn't fit!
318Australia - supporting witness statements
319ACS procedure
320points related
321immigration to australia
322Sponsorship V studying
323police clearance certificates
324educational qualification
325Can I get job in HR field! please tell me.
326Is IELTS required?
327Immigration - Indian CA- Multiple queries
329How to immigrate to New Zealand
330How to immigrate to New Zealand
331i need advice
332Eva please help me
333can i work in Australia on NZ PR
334faster processing time
335NZ Contract sponsorship
336permanent residenship
337regarding my evaluation for NZQA
338self statutory declaration letter!?!?!
339Newly born baby for immigration?
340Is freelance work considered under experience?
341is IELTS required for immigration
342OZ migration Funds required
343can i get workpermit?
344hi Elfa
345Appropriate ASCO code for B.Com Graduate
346Help in Skills assessment
347I've got my WHM visa, what next??
348job search in Australia
349Wanting to migrate to Australia, but need more information!
350permanent resident
351Permanent residency
352Looking for Sponsor / Employer
353Help me pls!!
354Too old for a NZ work visa?
355Converting Work Permit to Migration
356work permit and application
357Permanent Residence Query for Newzealand
358please Elfa, I need a specialised advice!
360Police Certificate
361when to go as a student
362Still about Ielts
363regarding immegration to New zealand
364regarding immegration to New zealand
365Job exemptions
366N/Z Work permit
367Please help me Elfa....or anyone... 61 days ACS RPL already gone...what do I do?
368Elfa - student visa advise
369Work permits and finding a job in Oz
370share your aussie pr knowledge!
372ACS - again
373Question on Employer nomination
375About Police Certificate From USA
376Help solicited at the earliest.....!!!!
377Current Processing time
378Contact names or phone numbers for Aus Emb in DC
379n/z workpermit for skilled person
380Work permit
381Australia and NZ work permits
382job market in australia
383pls suggest an ASCO for me!!
384hi Elfa
385For all ACS aspiring candidates
386anyone there from mumbai/pune,India applied for pr to au
387Independent Immigrant Application w/ Work Visa?
388DIMA verifying Reference Letter
389Adding Parents as dependants in Skilled Migration Application
390Advise Required
391MODL Applications processed faster??
392query-skilled migration to au- reg.acknowldegement ltr
393What's happening here?
394EU - Australian passport swap
395Cannot submit Police certificate
396FBI Clearance? Help Required
397Current Processing Time for PR(through Buffalo,USA)
398ACS deeming date
399IELTS validity ?
400Advise required in applying ACS
402Jobs, wages and visa advice in Australia
403Reciept of acknowledgement letter but where????????
404Acknowledgement letter recieved at Residential address not at correspondence address.
405Australia PR
407diploma student
408can a contract/ freelance job offer get me a work permit in NZ?
409 What country needs sound engineers?
410wife visa
414new issue
416FBI Clearance
417medical call mean ?
418Need MOC!!!

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